Saturday, 30 November 2013

Are You Human or Religion ?


This is a Legal Disclaimer proposing that my blog on Religion is strictly intended to be ‘my take’ on the subject. This article is meant for a readership value and does not in any way intend to harm or hurt people’s sentiments who do not agree with my opinion. It does not intend to infuse forceful preaching, slam any race, caste or community while targeting their faith or religious practices.               

                Religion & Me :

After pouring my heart out on a controversial subject like ‘Vegetarianism’ I was asked to blog on yet another ( probably even more ) controversial subject   - “Religion in Our World”

Now.. is that really controversial.. I smirked?  Well… Not for me!
Maybe - because I have evolved in my thought-process and have an ‘all encompassing’ approach - towards the subject.

 Let me begin... by asking my reader a simple question –

Are you Religious?  Or Are you Spiritual?   (Big difference between the two!)

- A Religious person thinks that he can adopt a ‘method or a technique’- in order to reach God!

- A Spiritual person realizes that God dwells alongside him 24/7 and is only a thought away! ( Atheists will not get that ! )

          So what is Religion exactly…? 

Logically “Religion is Teaching someone the ‘method’ of Praying   & the ‘method’ to reach God”( Please read that all over again !  )

Religion is teaching someone ‘how to pray’ while forgetting that it is imperative to ‘just pray’ and to directly connect to the Almighty who has created You!

If you were God – What would your Religion be?

Let’s assume that you were God – The Almighty Omnipresent – The one beyond time & space - The Creator of myriad life forms on earth and beyond....

And you noticed that the Earth-beings are praying to you at different shrines called Churches, Monasteries, Temples, Mosques, Chapel, Synagogues… Living rooms! And so on….

-They are addressing you with different names like Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, Allah…. Or maybe just – Dear God!  

-Adopting different techniques like kneeling on the floor, burning a lamp, offering flowers and incense-sticks…  Or just choosing to close their eyes and pray!  

Would you then not - as a Supreme Intellect - appear at all these different places of worship and answer the prayers of all these Earth-beings? 

You would! Right?  

It is because… God sees your ‘intention’ and not your ‘technique’ or your ‘place of worship’

You can be praying from the hospital bed – doesn't matter! All that matters is that you deeply pray and connect !

       So who is God? Does God Really Exist? 

While an Atheist’s plight is arguably understandable- I cannot conscientiously limit the miracle called Life to my feeble understanding of the universal game plan -of creation -destruction -sustenance.  

It would be great if God made himself visible to the World as ONE – but human nature is such that man would plague God with their innumerable doubts, sorrows, complains, and wishes to be granted - And maybe even express disappointment & disbelief if these wishes were not granted! 

They would probably even doubt God’s true self to be a Devil in disguise!

Guess God doesn't want to batter his divinity subjecting himself to man’s annihilation.  Maybe that’s why he chooses to reveal himself only to his genuine seekers - while letting his prophets and the chosen ones to render the needful.

While I believe that there is that ONE Supreme Power who creates & controls the lives present in a billion solar systems …. I also believe in the concept of Angels !
In-fact every religion does!  ( Religion sounds like a shallow term here though! ) 

Don’t be surprised if the entity you pray to and address as God – is actually an Angel-God who is connecting with you and helping you to reach to a higher realm of consciousness. These beings in the higher realms are called Angels in western religions, Devas in eastern religions and entities, deities or divine beings in New Age literature. People have been praying to millions of such divine beings throughout the ages and therefore say that there are
millions of Gods in their religion. 

Please do not condemn somebody else’s Angels or Devas because their energy field is beyond your comprehension. 

If God is the ocean - Angel-gods are like water droplets. 
A drop of water becomes a separate entity from the ocean – yet it is a part of the ocean, and not different from it. 

There are crores of deities in crores of other worlds- We only know the ones who connect with earth-beings!   
We can start by choosing the Angel-god that our heart feels the most connected to and start building a rapport with our Angel-God… It could be a motherly or fatherly energy from the universe. We are free to choose!

Connect - build the connection - and if you are inclined you may just receive a divine vision in the form  you recognize God with. 

              Aliens & Religion 

For an arguing mind, who has yet not been able to tune into my frequency –

Anybody who is well read in the subject of spirituality - will not be surprised to know that The Almighty - has not only created Life on planet Earth but on billions of other planets in different solar systems , star systems, and on different planes of existence. 

We shuffle our transit from one plane of existence to another.
Earth is no necessarily our home each time. 

Although seeing is believing but we cannot see the Air, the Ocean world, the Universe etc until science & technology come to our rescue. 

This well governed universe with time- space- birth- death in perfect tandem - cannot possibly be a co-incidence!  

Aliens :

No! Not the comic caricatures our minds have been conditioned to!

The souls and beings in some of these ‘other worlds’ are actually described to be much more advanced than Earth-beings!  Who knows- what RELIGION they follow!

Who knows – by what ‘name’ they address the Lord and what ‘technique’ they use to pray ? – Does it really matter to us?

Hypothetically - if Earth-beings got advanced enough to contact Aliens–
Would we be concerned about the Religion these Aliens follow?

Imagine waging a war with another planet to convert Aliens into our Religion!

Sounds stupid right?

Then why would you be bothered to convert anybody on earth to your religion?

Insights :

  • There are only two energy fields guarding existence– Positive & Negative. All actions, reactions, thoughts and eventually You – will inescapably fall into these two categories only. 

  • Christ came to earth to preach Humanity not Christianity! Krishna & Buddha taught the principles to life- death- karma and re-birth- and not Hinduism or Buddhism. Every Religion has the same divine message form the Universe. Follow the message - Do not limit it, by cloaking it in a 'religious garb'.

  • All Religions teach us to do good karma - They do not teach us to lie, cheat, hurt, manipulate or kill.  How can one religion be better than the other? – they are all God’s divine messages!

  • If stepping into a holy place of worship belonging to another religion is a ' Sin ' – then walking on this land dispersed with diverse faiths is also a sin!  The positive vibrations of any holy shrine can only benefit and do no harm. 

  • According to the Universal law – A religious bigot may end up taking birth in the religion- race- community that he hates the most – ‘in-order to learn the lesson of compassion, brotherhood and love' So be careful the next time you hate another race, faith, or color!

  • Don’t waste time teaching people how great your religion is. You are still bereft of its concept and the universal-game-plan.

  • You can live your life peacefully as an Atheist – but most atheists in-variably remember God when death-strikes and the thought of ‘ After Life ’ dawns...

  • Respect Life... Respect God in all his forms... and do not limit God’s divine message by labeling it a ' Religion ' – Call it 'Humanity' instead!  


  1. Something Offf Beat.....What Happens after Meditation ?
    Before Meditation You R Fool......and After Meditation
    You KNOW that U R Fool.....


  2. Quite a different and refreshing take on religion and god.

  3. Religion is an institution which revitalizes the solidarity of the society.It is source of social control and the values of society,without it order of society will breakdown.

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  7. A really broadminded and Truthful take on God and Religion. This is the kind of thinking that is required for the world to function in peace. I especially agree with the following lines.
    "Christ came to earth to preach Humanity not Christianity! Krishna & Buddha taught the principles to life- death- karma and re-birth- and not Hinduism or Buddhism. Every Religion has the same divine message form the Universe. Follow the message - Do not limit it, by cloaking it in a 'religious garb'."

  8. Hello ma'am , must say a very well taken 'controversial' subject and well executed...The best line was.. "Christ came to earth to preach Humanity not Christianity! Krishna & Buddha taught the principles to life- death- karma and re-birth- and not Hinduism or Buddhism" This for me was the soul or you can say "Moral Of The Story". Lastly this piece was formed of words as serene and calm as the subject itself.

  9. I am young and you've just made my road to 'humanity', clearer. And I'm glad to find out that what I've been assuming about God and religion is not wrong thank you! :)

  10. Even though I struggled trying to understand what you're trying to say sometimes throughout the post and may disagree with you on certain things mentioned, I will admit that you have some interesting thoughts on religion. What you wrote concerning labels, I agree with. I'm a Christian. I don't consider Christianity a religion. Rather, I consider it a relationship; I have a relationship with Christ. I believe that Christ died for my sins and gave me the opportunity to have that relationship with Him and God, the relationship that was lost throughout time because of sin. I'm content with where I am in life after accepting Christ into my life. But yeah, good post. :)